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Not a Drop to Drink (Encore)

Undrinkable WaterThis is a special encore edition. It’s something many of us take for granted: access to clean drinking water. But for many Americans it’s not something they can rely on. From chemical spills in West Virginia to ecoli in the water on the Texas-Mexico border, to contamination from farming in California. On this edition, we hear what happens when there’s not a drop to drink.


Angela Walker, Charleston resident; Neena Satija, environment reporter Texas Tribune; Daisy Gonzalez and Vicente Lara, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water; Horacio Amezquita, resident San Jerado.


Host: George Lavender
Producers: Laura Flynn, Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender, Jasmin Lopez
Contributing Producers: Laura Allen, Rachel Gottfried, Jing Niu
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth

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