Making Contact

Misrepresented: Interrupting Muslim & Arab Stereotypes

MisrepresentedHollywood has had a long history of whitewashing and stereotyping different groups –from brownface to blackface and yellowface. For Arabs and Muslims, persistent clichés throughout Hollywood’s history range from desert scenes with camels and palm trees, and characters cast as barbaric villains, belly dancers, or terrorists among others.

On this edition of Making Contact we’ll meet people confronting racist depictions of Muslims and Arabs in pop culture and politics; and two young women evaluating societal expectations placed on them.

Featuring:  Diana Kalaji, student at University of San Francisco; and Moustafa Bayoumi, author of “This Muslim American Life, Dispatches from the War on Terror.”


Host: Laura Flynn

Producers: Laura Flynn, Monica Lopez, and  Jasmin Lopez

Contributing  Producer: Diana Kalaji

Associate Producer: Marie Choi

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

Web Editor: Kwan Booth

Music Credit:

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More information:

Moustafa Bayoumi: “This Muslim American Life, Dispatches from the War on Terror”


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