Making Contact

From Dreamers in Arizona to Muslims in Michigan: Immigrant Communities Upholding

DreamersThis edition of Making Contact is Part I of our special series examining how immigrants are responding and participating in elections and politics today.

From Dreamers in Arizona to Muslims in Michigan, we’ll meet immigrant communities upholding democracy. We’ll also have a conversation with author of the “Fight to Vote,” Michael Waldman about how immigrants throughout history have expanded the right to vote.


Elizabeth Perez, co-founder of La Machine; Kate Gallego, City of Phoenix Vice Mayor; Anthony Valdovinos, co-founder of La Machine;  Viridiana Hernández, founding member of Team Awesome; Dr. Muzammil Ahmed, member of Community of Western Suburbs Mosque; Saber Ahmed, member of Community of Western Suburbs Mosque; Dr. Syed Taj, former Canton, Michigan City Council member; and Michael Waldman, Brennan Center for Justice President and author of the “Fight to Vote.”

Host: Laura Flynn
Producers: Laura Flynn, Monica Lopez, and Jasmin Lopez
Associate Producer: Marie Choi
Contributing  Producers: Valeria Fernández and Renee Gross
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth
Project Coordinator: Maonlia Charlotin

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