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Heat of the Moment: Sea Level Rise

Sea Levels

Climate change is here affecting weather conditions and sea levels. In India it’s also having a more surprising influence on the country’s tigers. On this edition of Making Contact, reporter Daniel Grossman takes us to India in Heat of the Moment: Sea Level Rise. Heat of the Moment was originally produced for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and WBUR.

Pranabes Sanyal, former park director for the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve; Amit Mallick, Sundarbans resident and man attacked by tiger; Tushar Kanjilal, secretary of the Tagore Society for Rural Development; Mohammed Sheikh Gafur, Sundarbans resident and tea shop owner; Sugata Hazra, an oceanographer at Calcutta s Jadavapur University; Ainun Nishat representative to the International Union for Conservation of Nature; Shafiqul Islam, director of a small college and founder of the Pani Committee; Sheikh Nural Ala, chief engineer for this region of the Water Development Board; Atiq Rahman, director of the Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies; Daniel Grossman, journalist.

Host: Jasmin Lopez
Producers: Andrew Stelzer, Laura Flynn, George Lavender, Jasmin Lopez
Contributing Producers: Daniel Grossman
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth

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