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Lottery of Birth

Lotery_of_BirthExcerpts of the documentary film Lottery of Birth.

Hosted by Kris Welch.

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One response to “Lottery of Birth

  1. Although the setting is in that super-soft ‘Buddhist’ – urging self-recrimination, like all the religions – tone – it nonetheless contributes EXCELLENTLY to review of personal thinking on universal issues. I see that if people listen to it, especially with a friend, so that it can become instilled in people’s foundational personal methods, it will relieve people of, bit by bit, the limiting behaviors – ideas, thinking, reactions – inimical to enslavement into our Owners’ systems, into THeir profit-making ruination of our minds and of the Earth we love from birth.
    I felt that first for myself – having come through prejudice and bias after prejudice and bias all my life even though I’ve always been communist in every best sense. Then I felt it for my brother who, if he and his children listen to and enjoy this, might get a clue ! about their own strained existence.

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