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Student debt strike! Defend the Earth! Pirates!

The Million Student March was yesterday, for debt relief, free tuition, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.  We talk with some of the participants.  PLUS: The global climate conference in Paris will hear form Oaklanders, in next week’s big march and rally. We’ll hear all about it.  AND: Pirates at the Berkeley Rep!  A very lively update from Chicago of Gilbert and Sullivan.  With host Kris Welch.

2 responses to “Student debt strike! Defend the Earth! Pirates!

  1. Why do you give Bernie Sanders credit for taking on student debt?! but you don’t mention Jill stein. Student debt forgiveness has been a platform for the green party forever and Jill stein runs and campaigns on this issue more than any other–total forgiveness. BS will not advocate free tuition or loan forgiveness. BS is more of the same–small reforms to save capitalism. he is not a true socialist. The green party platform is far more socialist than socialists or BS bernie sander sever dreamed of. I rely on KPFA and yet you people fail to mention the green party an fjill stein every single day while propping up bernie sanders–the sheepherder. its very disingenuous. I am very disappointed in you and KPFA. i cant donate to you if you dont credit where credit is due. its really really sad and more an more i think Pacifica radio is just a sheepherder for th democratic party. so pathetic! you are as bad as the mainstream media. BS only started talking about student debt when JIll stein starting running on it. get with the program. wake up KPFA! you are very dishonest.

    JIll stein is everything KPFA advocates and yet you snub her time and time again. f—k YOU! i guess i have to get real news and truth from youtube. pathetic!

  2. How dare you talk about climate change and NOT talk about the Green Party and JIll Stein–the only candidate who cares about it really come on. disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You know–you know–BS is just BS! a sheepherder. a democrat! fr–ing A! get a clue!

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