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Democracy Now! (6 am) – June 21, 2004

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Battleground State: Wisconsin, Welfare and the Poor

Race and the Presidential Elections

Bush vs. Cuba: The Quiet War

The Last Socialist Mayor

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  • Greg Allen Getty

    ..on the Iran deal; “Of course the Republicans in the Senate don’t need no stinking badges…They don’t, but it’s not the job of Congress to pass foreign policy”…some statements are stunning in their lack of truth…of course the WWIII death cult Republicans can’t be allowed to monkey wrench this deal…but acceptance of a dictatorial executive and ignorance of grammar school Civics and recent history like the Boland Ammendment and current law like the Arms Export Control Act are leading us down the very path to war neocon hell bats have laid…and I have heard them before…during our anti-communist R2P contra ‘cold war’ in the horrible 80s when the branch w/ war making power was giving my tax dollars to Sudan’s takfiri generals as they murdered Christians Mahmud Mohamed Taja and others (on January 25, 1985) in the name of state religion…”regarding an execution which you beliefve will take place in Sudan this coming Friday…Unfortunately…It is the privilege and responsibility of the Executive Branch to determine foreign policy….Sincerely…Norman Shumway” January 16, 1985.
    …after the destruction of the USSR the US used the toxicity of its former ‘cold war’ allies as our excuse to flip a 180 in the contra war from Afghanistan to Sudan to go against the Muslim targets lined up in the sights of the Pentagon mind control operation….with only Iran and Syria left standing.. while the press follow the polititians lead playing dumb