Letters and Politics

From the Tobacco Industry to Climate Climate Change to Social Media: A Modern History of Disinformation. Then, Conversations with Birds

Part I. A Modern History of Disinformation: From the Tobacco Industry to Climate Climate Change.

Guest: Naomi Oreskes is Henry Charles Lea Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University.  She is a leading voice on the role of science in society, the reality of anthropogenic climate change, and the role of disinformation in blocking climate action.  She is the author of many books including the best-selling, Merchants of Doubt,  The Collapse of Western Civilization, Why Trust Science?, Science on a Mission, and her upcoming, The Big Myth: How American Business Taught Us to Loath Government and Love the Free Market, which will be published in February 2023.


Part II. Conversations with Birds

Guest: Priyanka Kumar is the author of Conversations with Birds.  She is a recipient of the Aldo & Estella Leopold Writing Residency, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award, a New Mexico/New Visions Governor’s Award, a Canada Council for the Arts Grant, an Ontario Arts Council Literary Award, and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Fellowship.


Feature photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash