Lebanon, Terrorism as a Term and Amazon Anti-Trust Laws

This morning, after the resignation of the Saudi-Allied Lebanese Prime Minister, the country was thrown into additional political turmoil. We speak with Rania Masri, Lebanese-American academic, activist, human rights advocate and professor of environmental science professor, who currently in Beirut about the situation. In light of ongoing events in the US, mass-shooting and targeted violence, UpFront asks what constitutes ‘Terrorism’ and when it makes sense to apply the term. Rafia Zakaria, an attorney, human rights activist and author. She writes regularly for Al-Jazeera, the Guardian, and Dawn, Pakistan’s largest English-language newspaper. She joins us this morning to discuss the media’s use of the word Terrorism, and when it should or should not apply. Next we hear from Lina Khan on Amazon Anti-Trust practices. Lina is a student at Yale Law School, has spoken on NPR and written for Salon, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. She is an Open Markets program fellow at New America. 

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