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Charges dropped for cops who killed Angelo Quinto; Plus, Antioch Councilmember Tamisha Torres-Walker

We kick off todays show with this week’s State Terror Roundup – then going to turn our attention to both police in government in Antioch.

First we speak with the family of Angelo Quinto who was murdered by police during a mental health crisis in 2020. The Contra Costa District Attorney just last week ruled his homicide justified but now the Attorney General Rob Bonta has stepped in and said he would review the case. We’ll speak with Angelo Quinto’s sister, Bella Quinto-Collins, as well as his mother, Cassandra Quinto-Collins.

In our second interview, we stay in Antioch for a conversation with City Councilmember Tamisha Torres-Walker, who just had charges dropped by the same Contra Costra District Attorney’s office. Those charges stem from October 2021, where the councilmember was charged with interfering with an investigation after engaging with police during a shooting investigation near her home. As a result of the charges, Antioch’s mayor pushed her to resign as Chair of the Police Oversight Committee. All this in the midst of a new police scandal where the FBI and local DA’s office have collaborated to put 10% of Antioch’s police department on leave for “crimes of moral turpitude”. Three of those officers now on leave were directly involved in Torres-Walker’s case in October 2021


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