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SF DA’s incompetence in police murder case; DHS surveilling US citizens; SFPD might use private surveillance cameras; Plus – this week’s State Terror Roundup

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We start with our weekly State Terror Round Up: Law Enforcement in this country kills approximately 1200 people every single year and yet the names of many are never said or known except to their families and friends. What’s more, law enforcement agencies and other state actors harm our community in a myriad of ways that also go unnoticed like profiling, sexually assaulting and wrongfully incarcerating our people. If we don’t know its happening – then we can’t fight back. We cant adequately organize a response. So, every week on Law & Disorder do a round up of news related to state violence. We hope this segment will serve to expose, agitate and build.

Then we speak with April Green, the aunt of Keita O’Neil, a young man who was killed by San Francisco Police in 2017. We’ll learn the latest in the disastrous court drama, reflecting incompetence on the part of San Francisco’s appointed District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

We then move to a national story on how the Department of Homeland Security is using surveillance techniques on US citizens. Our guest, Gaby Del Valle is a freelance immigration reporter and a cofounder of BORDER/LINES, a weekly newsletter about immigration policy. She has reported for VICE news, The Daily Beast, and other publications. Her latest piece for the Nation is called DHS Surveillance Increasingly Targets US Citizens:

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Back to San Francisco, we talk with Brian Hofer about a San Francisco proposal, backed by the Mayor’s office, that would allow police to monitor private security camera systems, including Amazon’s Ring Doorbells. Brian Hofer is the Executive Director of Secure Justice, a non-profit that advocates against state abuse of power, and for reduction in government and corporate over-reach. Brian has also been the Chair of Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission since 2016.

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Finally, we move to our daily Resistance in Residence feature: How do we build a world many of us have only seen in our dreams? That’s where we believe the artists come in. So, each week we feature an artist, holding down a weekly residency with us, helping us to imagine a different, more liberated world. This week’s Artist Resistance in Residence is Jennifer Johns.

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