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Abolition and the child welfare system w/ Dorothy Roberts

If you’re Black in America, chances are you have been in foster care, a family member was in foster care, your home was visited at some point by “Child Protective Services” or that these agencies touched your life in some way. The Department of Family and Child Protective Services is as common as liquor stores and churches, and yet precious little is happening in exploring the damage these agencies do.

On today’s show, we address the impact of CPS with Dorothy Roberts, an internationally acclaimed scholar, activist, and social critic, she has written and lectured extensively on the interplay of gender, race, and class in legal issues concerning reproduction, bioethics, and child welfare. She is also a professor of Law & Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her latest book is Torn Apart: How the child welfare system destroys black families—and how abolition can build a safer world.

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