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Shifting the lens: California’s Partnership to End Domestic Violence; Plus, Santa Clara Co Sheriff Scandal

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we spent time on this show exploring alternative responses to domestic violence. We continue that conversation today with Colsaria Henderson, a member of the board of directors of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, which is hosting their Shifting the Lens – Statewide Domestic Violence Conference beginning on Monday, November 7th. Colsaria Henderson began working in the field of anti-gender based violence in the 1990s. She is focused on the intersections between anti-violence, racial justice, community level advocacy and prevention, and transformative justice.

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It is election time and while Santa Clara Sheriff Laurie Smith was not running for re-election – she and her tenure – are front and center in conversations about who her successor will be. Smith was the first sheriff elected in the state of California almost 50 years and she may likely have served a few more had it not been for the reveal that she had engaged in several schemes including – but not limited to – pay-to-play for concealed carry permits and evasion of gift-reporting laws. She resigned this week with a one sentence email to the Board of Supervisors – some say as a ploy to shut down her trial proceedings.

We speak with Jose Valle, a community organizer from Silicon Valley De-bug who focuses his work on the human rights of prisoners. Silicon Valley De-Bug is a community organizing, advocacy, and multimedia storytelling organization based out of San José.

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