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Mass shooting at Colorado queer bar; CA prisons mistreat mentally ill prisoners; Plus, prisoners are literally wasting away in a Georgia jail

In today’s packed show, we start by reflecting on the devastating mass shooting at Colorado Springs’ queer bar Club Q over the weekend, on the eve of the Trans Day of Remembrance.

Then we move to California, where new research from non-profit newsroom CalMatters shows that the California prison system on average moves people with significant mental health diagnoses 5 times during the same time period that people in the general prison population were transferred just 1.5 times. The article, titled, Mentally ill prisoners in California are three times likelier to get shuffled around, is the latest in a 6-part investigative series on mental healthcare in the state. We speak with Byrhonda Lyons, one of the contributors to the series about the transfers and their impact both on prisoners themselves as well as their families, including the tragic suicides of some prisoners.

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We move to Georgia where a new investigative report shows that prisoners are literally wasting away from malnourishment as jail administration operates with disregard for the health and lives of folks inside of the Fulton County Jail Facility in Atlanta. Our guest in this episode is the journalist who detailed that investigative report, Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, who is the senior reporter for The Appeal, a worker-led nonprofit news organization. She writes on prison and jail conditions, and wrongful convictions. Her investigation we discuss is called Internal Report Details Severely Malnourished Detainees at Atlanta-Area Jail, where the facility’s medical provider described people with mental illness wasting away in a unit overrun by an outbreak of lice and scabies.

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