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Election review – Oakland Council, and top prosecutors in Alameda Co as well as Minneapolis

On today’s show, we focus on elections both local and national. We start in Oakland, where City Councilmember and Council President Nikki Fortunado-Bas has held on to her seat representing our city’s District 2, after receiving a large majority of votes against challenger Harold Lowe. We discuss the race and what she expects the next four years to hold in Oakland, from the Council to the mayor’s office.

Then we move to the county level, where in Alameda County’s election, Pamela Price has been declared the winner of the District Attorney’s race, in a race against opponent Terry Wiley. Pamela Price will be the county’s first African-American and second woman to hold that office, and speaks in this episode about her plans to address public safety, prosecute abusive police, end cash bail, and fight human trafficking.

The murder of George Floyd by Derrik Chauvin in Minneapolis in 2020 ignited a wave of uprisings around the globe, and the city made several bold attempts at reimagining the way they do public safety, like a ballot measure that would have replaced their police department with a department of public safety (that measure failed but 43% of the electorate voted in favor of it, showing that many in Minneapolis are clear that something needs to change). Perhaps another clear indicator of the change coming is the election in the county that includes Minneapolis giving a clear victory to Mary Moriarty as the incoming Hennepin County Attorney (the “County Attorney” title is Minnesota’s equivalent to California’s “District Attorney”). Moriarity has previously worked as a public defender as well as a journalist, and joins us to discuss what’s to come from Minneapolis.


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