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Border Policy: Biden Admin considering sending Haitians to Guantanamo & more

We’re only a few years into the Biden Administration, but federal immigration policy under his leadership is impacting communities heavily. Today we’ll focus on two stories about how the US is wielding immigration policy – First, a real plan on the table to house detained and undocumented migrants in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison. Then we’ll talk about a specific policy called Temporary Protective Status, that is being seen in court after the Trump Administration basically threw it out. 

My guest today is Gaby Del Valle, a freelance immigration journalist who has reported for the Nation, VICE, and the Daily Beast among others; Gaby co-authors an illuminating weekly newsletter about immigration policy called BORDER/LINES.

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Our Resistance In Residence Artist this week is Asantewaa Boykin, a poet, spoken word artist, visual artist, registered nurse, activist, organizer and mother.

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