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Vallejo Police Lt Under Investigation; CA Makes Plans to Close Prisons; Plus, Our Weekly State Terror Roundup

As always on Thursdays, we begin with the State Terror Round Up. Then, we turn our attention to Vallejo where a new report about Vallejo Police Lieutenant Steve Darden – a member of what some advocates call the Fatal 14 – uncovers brutal policing. We speak with Scott Morris, a journalist with the Vallejo Sun who covers policing, protest, civil rights, and far-right extremism. His article in the Vallejo Sun is ‘Out of control’: Vallejo police Lt. Steve Darden’s reputation for unchecked anger.

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Ending on a positive note, California has announced it will begin the process of closing Chuckwalla Prison in Riverside County, and plans are in the works for cutbacks at six more prisons – the closures and cutbacks will save the state $1.5 billion each year. We speak with Brian Kaneda, deputy director of Californians United for a Responsible Budget, or CURB, which is an organization dedicated to reducing imprisonment in our state by developing deep economic analyses about how it’s actually financially better for all of us, to reduce prisons.

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