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Gun violence awareness day and interrupting intercommunal violence

On todays show, musical prodigy Christopher Lavell Jones was just 17 years old when he was gunned down on his mothers porch on New Years Eve, 2010, in a tragic episode of street violence. Since that time his mother, Brenda Grisham, has been fighting for justice for her son and peace on Oaklands streets. We’re going to talk to Brenda about what she believes it will take to end the violence and why she believes that working with all mothers – including mothers who have lost their loved ones to police violence – may be part of the key to getting there. We continue the conversation with Sikander Iqbal, the Deputy Director of Urban Peace Movement, an Oakland-based organization that builds youth leadership to transform the culture and social conditions that lead to community violence and mass incarceration in communities of color.

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photo: Richard Bell via Unsplash