Jazz Bar with Spliff Skankin

Jazz Bar with Spliff Skankin – July 31, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Jazz and more, hosted by Spliff.


sun ra sextet'round midnight - theme of the stargazersat the village vanguardrounder
sun ra and his arkestrafate in a pleasant mood - pharaoh's dencosmo sun connectionrer
sun ra and his myth science arkestrawe travel the spaceways (request)we travel the spaceways/bad & beautifulevidence
sun ra and his solar arkestrainterplanetary music/rocket number nine take off for the planet venus/interstellar low ways/space lonelinessinterstellar low waysevidence
sun ralove in outer spacesomewhere elserounder
sun ra and his solar arkestraother planes on there/spiral galaxyother planes of thereevidence
sun radiscipline/tall trees in the sunsomewhere elserounder
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