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Fund Drive Special: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

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On today’s show we once again have the opportunity to bring to you the work of author Ta-Nehisi (pronounced Tan-Na-Ha-See ) Coates. He is an Atlantic National Correspondent, and has written many influential articles, that have covered “The Obama Era” “ Mass Incarceration” and “The Case for Reparations,” which reignited the long-dormant conversation of how to repay African-Americans for a system of institutional racism that’s robbed them of wealth and success for generations.

Last year Coates, wrote the book, Between the World and Me,” which has been called required reading” by Toni Morrison. “I’ve been wondering who might fill the intellectual void that plagued me after James Baldwin died. Clearly it is Ta-Nehisi Coates,” Morrison said. “Between the World and Me” is written as a letter to Coates’ 15-year-old son, Samori, and has been compared to “the talk” parents have with their children to prepare them for facing police terrorism and aggression.

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