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on today’s show we hear speeches from Stokely Carmichael, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; Geronimo (Janome Ji Jaga) Pratt a decorated military veteran and a high-ranking member of the Black Panther Party in the United States; and Fannie Lou Hamer an American voting rights activist, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, and philanthropist who worked primarily in Mississippi.

Voices That Change The World is the largest and most comprehensive collection of historic audio ever compiled by Pacifica Radio Archives, now available for the very first time on a single USB memory drive. With over 1300 hours of meticulously curated audio, covering dozens and dozens of topics, listening will find you inspired, challenged, entertained, and educated – the true fulfillment of Pacifica Radio’s Mission Statement!

  • Don Casey

    Why do you let Laura Prives, and Quincy McCoy destroy KPFA? KPFA, accept for a half dozen or more shows, is becoming mediocrity. Most of the new programming in the morning is mediocrity -shades of MSNBC -Chris Hayes, and Rachel Maddow crap I was shocked that KPFa kept running with that Russian evil-doer story as long as it did? The KPFA News is mediocrity, nd propaganda. They still celebrate Nancy Peloci, and Chuck Shumer as real Democratic leaders. Why? Why would we donate to KPFA when KPFA sounds like MSNBC. I blame the program director, and the general manager for this crap. It looks like conspiracy in my opinion. Davy D love your show, and it’s local everyday people aesthetics. Thank You!

    • Anita Johnson

      Hi Don,

      thank you for your support of Hard Knock. Much Love


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