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Voter Guide 2016: Making Sense of It All, pt2

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California voters come Nov. 8 will have to sort through the longest list of statewide propositions imaginable. The confusing array of public policy choices includes, the future of the death penalty, a criminal sentence measure aimed at cutting the state prison population by giving inmates a chance for earlier parole, a collection of new tough gun laws and a slew of other measures on the November Ballot.

On today’s show we continue with part two of our conversation examining propositions/measures and local initiatives, on this 2016 election ballot. Our round-table of experts include individuals committed to informing community and helping us all wade through the maze of policy and legal jargon.




Pastor Michael McBride, the National Director for Urban Strategies/LIVE FREE Campaign with the PICO National Networkhttp://www.piconetwork.org/


Aparna Shah, the Executive Director for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Action Fund, a partner with Million Voter Project. www.mivactionfund.org


Adam Kruggel, Director of Organizing at PICO California. – http://www.picocalifornia.org/

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Kimi Lee, the Director of Bay Rising (for state and local measures) – https://bayrising.org/


Chaney Turner, an Oakland native, activist and entrepreneur.


Maria Noel Fernandez, Director of Organizing and Civic Engagement with Silicon Valley Rising. – http://siliconvalleyrising.org/#


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