Hard Knock Radio

Brexit; and H.O.M.E

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On today’s edition of Hard Knock, we speak with former deputy Mayor of London, Lee Jasper about UK’s historic decision to leave the European Union, Brexit. And later we speak with Brittney Frazier and Lauren Spence about the play titled, H.O.M.E. H.O.M.E, takes place from Oakland to Mars, in search of Home. H.O.M.E. follows the journey of a prostitute on a mission to reconnect with the son she abandoned. She believes that she must tell him their story in person as a form of rebirth before he crosses into his twentieth birthday. It just so happens that her son now lives on Mars. As part of Campo Santo’s Residency at A.C.T., and their 20th year of creating and premiering new works, Campo Santo’s brings a new voice, a new play, a new writer—and a new way of looking at our city, the future, and home.


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