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Oakland Protests Police Violence – Shuts Down I-80 Freeway; and State Of Black Oakland

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Davey D covers protests of police violence in Oakland and Hard Knock Correspondent Greg Bridges speaks with Brother Turha and Mama Ayanna about the upcoming State Of Black Oakland, (SOBO) People’s Assembly 2016. Later we speak with Shawn Wayans about the state of comedy and his upcoming performance at Yoshis in Oakland, Ca.





Mike Hutchinson, is long time community activist and education expert.

Cephus “Uncle bobby” Johnson, is the uncle of Oscar Grant, III, killed by a former BART officer and community activist.

Brother Turha, a member of the Anti Police Terror Project.

Mama Ayanna, a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Shawn Wayans, made his acting debut in 1989 in his brother Keenen Ivory Wayans’ feature film “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka.” Immediately following his feature film debut, Shawn joined the cast of the Emmy Award winning comedy series, “In Living Color.”

One response to “Oakland Protests Police Violence – Shuts Down I-80 Freeway; and State Of Black Oakland

  1. I am so sick od Obama and his do nothing capitulation. He has NEVER said the murders of innocent black people by police is Unjustified. never. he has few words and NO actions. He does nothing. no body does. nothing. The police are on a rampage–murdering black people all over america. And brutalizing people–violently beating and harassing black peole–murdering black people. MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE–THE POLICE! And racists everywhere rising up to assault black men and women and children–callign for a race war! What the f–do you think is gonna happen? The police are not operating on all cylinders! The police are a fasicst racist institution armed to the teeth and patrolling the streets looking for black people to murder! and the government does nothing Obama does nothing. I am so sick of his empty meaningless words. he is a lame duck. Uncle tom.

    These maniacs will never give up their guns and they will never be justice. never. these murderes the pig police) are above etc law an protected by the government and the crony police thug mafia. And nobody really cares. nobody. when will there be justice for black men, for the poor?

    Mark my words: the police will retaliate–the police are about to ramp up their campaign of murder and mayhem. the stat his a violent murderous killing machine! and there is no justice.
    its pathetic. The violence comes form the police–and there is no justice–so what the f–do you think people will do–they are fighting for their lives. YOU–pig police–have done this! You bring it on yourself.

    I feel bad for your innocent lawful enforcement officers who will be hunted and harmed because of your murderous pig behavior–you th epic police–are completely responsible for this and the escalation that will follow–the escalation that the police will create. Mark my words: they the pics police will respond murderously in uniform and out of uniform. they are criminals and belong in jail. They are killers. and the gove–all the way to Obama–does n nothing and just apologizes of these murderous fascist pig police!

    we don’t need more excuses for the police–dont make the police victims–they are not–they are too blame. shame on you amy goodman and president obama.

    stop the pig police war of terror!

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