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Spiral: Trapped In The Forever War

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Today on HKR we offer critique from author , writer, journalist, and educator. Mark Danner. Danner has written for three decades on foreign affairs and international conflict. He has covered Central America, Haiti, Balkans, Iraq and the greater Middle East, among many other stories, and has written extensively about the development of American foreign policy during the late Cold War and afterward, with a focus on human rights violations during that time. He has authored numerous books, his latest, Spiral Trapped in The Forever War, a shrewd analysis of why America’s War on Terror has persisted for well over a decade and why it seems to have no end in sight. For almost 15 years, Danner has argued that many of the post-9/11 counterterror programs enacted under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have led to the rise of the Islamic state and pushed the country towards war and in an endless “state of exception.”

On July 13, 2016 – Danner spoke at the Hillside Club in Berkeley California. And today we are pleased to have the opportunity to present his insights to the listening community of KPFA. Please support KPFA during this Summer Fund Drive by pledging your financial support.


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