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In Conversation with Sandra Cisneros

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Sandra Cisneros is a Chicana novelist who wrote the bestselling novel “The House on Mango Street, Caramelo and her subsequent short story collection Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories. ” In addition, she is the founder of two organizations that serve writers ” The Macondo Foundation and the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Foundation. Among her many awards are the MacArthur Fellowhsip, two National Endowments for the Arts Fellowships, and a Texas Medal of the Arts. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Cisneros most recent literary achivement comes in the form of A House of My Own: Stories from My Life is a non-fiction collection spanning nearly three decades of Cisneros remarkable life.
Today on Hard Knock we’re pleased to bring to you Ms. Cisnero speaking at a KPFA event November 3rd of 2015. In her talk, Cisneros reads from her latest book and explores writing, her youth, feminism and …while in conversation with KPFA host Vylma V. Stay Tuned

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