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The Dream Continues: 96 Hours of Action

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at the table

Sunday morning in San Francisco, California, members of the Anti-Police Terror Project and Asians4BlackLives, a Bay Area group of Asian community organizers, held a community intervention in front of Ed Lee’s home to demand that he fire Police Chief Suhr and all officers involved in the murders of Mario Woods, Amilcar Lopez, and Alex Nieto. As well as, the immediate reallocation of city funds in order to provide affordable housing that allows Black, Brown and other people of color to remain in SF. At 6 AM, activists woke the mayor with drums, gongs, chants and verbal indictments of his political decisions that have placed the city’s Black and Brown communities at increased harm. Five activists chained themselves to a table in front of his house, calling on Lee to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s radical legacy by coming to the table to join them in standing with Black Lives Matter Movement.

We’ll hear from members of Asians 4 Black Lives Alvina Wong and Alex Tom. As well as members of the Anti-Police Terror Project Cat Brooks and Adam Jordan

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