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Resisting Fascism; Forced Displacement and Poor News Network

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we speak with protesters on the campus of UC Berkeley who gathered to voice their disapproval of Milo Yiannopoulos being invited to speak at the University. Later we speak with homeless rights advocate, Needa B about the eviction of homeless people at The Village in Oakland, Ca. And Poor News Network explores talks about America’s War on the Poor.



2 responses to “Resisting Fascism; Forced Displacement and Poor News Network

  1. Life for college students becomes real once they start looking of a job and participating in America. All the ideology and justification for violence fly’s out the window, especially if they have kids. When they compete and lose a potential job to an illegal immigrant, all the youthful ideology disappears. When they are on their way home after a long hard week at work and just want to get home and see their kids and get stuck in an aggressive loud protest all the ideology fly’s out the window.

    1. What if the kid doesn’t lose her/his job to an “illegal immigrant” but to automation or offshoring? And what if s/he is delayed on the way home not because of a protest but due to public transportation cuts and misplaced priorities? These scenarios are statistically more likely than yours.

      While I encourage everyone to listen to Pacifica radio, I suspect that Rush Limplog is more your speed.

      P.S.: The word you seek is “flies.” That one’s on the house.

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