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In Conversation with Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr.

this episode is no longer available

Today we present to you Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. a theological scholar and a pastor’s pastor. Last month, Rev. Dr. Wright spoke at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Oakland Ca The audio comes to us courtesy of Rev Cheryl Ward of Liberation Ministries. And in this talk Rev. Wright, explores America’s hypocrisy….the deep rooted mental sickness of racial superiority.

Rev. Dr. Wright Jr. is a student of Black Sacred Music, ethnomusicology and African Diasporan studies, Dr. Wright is trained as an historian of religions. Wright made headlines in 2008 after his sermons were examined and Barack Obama — then campaigning for the presidency — was forced to renounce his former pastor’s controversial statements or his genius in the way he reworked Irving Berlin lyric: “Not ‘God bless America’ but instead ‘God damn America!’


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