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Officer Involved Shooting in Oakland. We speak with an eye-witness on the scene

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oak shooting 2Sadly we have yet another officer involved shooting. It’s the second one in two weeks here in Oakland and just one of far too many to keep track of that has taken place in the Bay Area…from San Jose to Sunnyvale and beyond.. Seems like everyday we keep hearing and seeing these shootings occur.

This latest one happened in the Lake Merritt area on MacArthur and Van Buren.. around 8;30 this morning. We spoke with a witness named Nayomi Munaweera who described seeing a young man who was shot, lying on the ground bleeding and twitching while she and others were prevented from tending to him or give him aid.

Today we speak with that witness and Cat Brooks of the Anti Police-Terror Project

cat brooks

Later on we speak with hip-hop artist Raw G about her new cd, Esperanza. raw g

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