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Emotional Intelligent Personal Relationships

We speak with Daniel Ellenberg, Ph.D. about ways to create more emotionally intelligent personal relationships.

Daniel Ellenberg, Ph.D. is the president of Relationships That Work – and vice president of the Rewire Leadership Institute, an organization that helps individuals, teams and organizations thrive in the business world. He is also the founder and director of Strength with Heart men’s groups and workshops, and co-author of Lovers for Life: Creating Lasting Passion, Trust and True Partnership, which he co-wrote with his wife, Judith Bell. He has spent over 10,000 hours facilitating groups and workshops over the last quarter century and wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on how men can experience greater inner strength and positive relationships by transcending limited aspects of traditional male roles. He has presented at major conferences, on radio, television and other venues. He is also a founding member of the Men’s Counseling Guild, a group of men who facilitate men’s groups and workshops that began in 1985.


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Daniel Ellenberg, Ph.D.

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