Full Circle

Full Circle – May 20, 2016

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Tonight on Full Circle hosts Aqueila Lewis and Ron Thompson
take you through the rebirth of the revolution as it is recounted in the documentary, “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.”

The film is a wonderful addition to a fabulous series of DVDs offered in our current fund drive. The story is woven together through a combination of dramatizations, performance,and archival records that tell how women fought for equal rights. The theme for this fund drive is Do the Right Thing. There cannot be a more appropriate film than one where a powerful group of women tell lawmakers and businesses to, “do the right thing.”

Get your popcorn and something to sip on and listen as Aqueila and Ron tell you how some of the most famous women’s rights organizations were founded.

“If Men Could Get Pregnant Birth Control Pills Would be Available in Gumball Machines.”

Full Circle airs Fridays at 7p.m. Stay tune

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