Up Front with Friday Host Marie Choi: Afrikatown, Hungry Ghosts, and Collective Courage – Apr 3, 2015

At the corner of San Pablo and West Grand in Oakland, there’s a community garden where people are growing fruits and vegetables, feeding their neighbors, and creating artwork.  It’s called Afrikatown.  Just a few years ago, it was neglected and full of weeds, needles, and trash.  Now, the property owner wants it back.  On Thursday, a group of gardeners faced down bulldozers.  They’re expecting the bulldozers to come back today – and they want your support to protect Afrikatown.


  • Danae Martinez, Africana Studies Professor at Merritt College, Laney College, College of Marin, and Fremont High
  • Shango Abiola and Hannibal Abdul Shakur, volunteers with Qilombo.



A new art exhibit at the I-Hotel in San Francisco explores the idea of Hungry Ghosts – angry ghosts that haunt the living to right past wrongs.  Who are the hungry ghosts that communities need to grapple with today?  And what value do ghosts hold for us in this place and time?


  • Vida Kuang
  • Ka Yan Cheung
  • Michelle Lee
  • Manon Bogerd Wada
  • Marlene Iyemura


Then we look at the history of cooperatives and cooperative economic practices as part of a broader strategy for black liberation.


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