Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 1, 2004

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Pakistani Immigrant Being Deported for Taking Pictures of NY Reservoir Speaks from Jail

Pakistani Immigrant Married to U.S. Citizen Faces Deportation

Over 400 Detained in Southern California Immigration Sweep

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  • John Doe

    If you are athletic, don’t play american football, hockey or box(as opposed to international football or soccer). Indeed head injuries is the most serious problem. However many more football player’s, including those who never went beyond the high school level have life long disabilities due to knee and other injuries. You will not be able to recreate even at an adequit level. it leads to becoming depressed and maybe taking a walk now and then and your bad knee or ankle will limit you walking distance which deprives you of that vital releasing of endorphines, the happy body chemicals. Sure you can blow out a knee, tear your achilles heel, etc in other sports, but today unlike back in the 1970’s orthopedic surgery and treatments can often heal that injury. Banging your head for a decade or so is a difficult at best to heal.