The Latest Episode of The Election Crimes Bulletin

Today on the Show: How close is the world to a major nuclear conflagration? Patrick Mazza is tracking the world’s potential dissent in to global hell. Also Greg Palast returns with our weekly edition of the Election Crimes Bulletin. And Dr. Jonathan Kuttab, co-founder of Nonviolence International is in the Bay Area to talk about human rights in the Middle East and occupied Palestine


Artist Song Album Label
Mondo GrossoIntermezzo SunNext WaveSME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.
MorcheebaTrigger HippieTrigger HippieWMG - East West Records UK Ltd
Cirque du Soleil,Robert Stanley,Richard Beaudet,Paul Picard,René Dupéré,Luc Gilbert,Francine PoitrasSanzaNouvelle ExperienceORCHARD - Cirque Du Soleil