Flashpoints – July 12, 2023

Today on the show: We track: the progress of the select subcommittee ask they keep researching the :origins: of the Coronavirus pandemic,  Sam Husseini, independent journalist, joins us to anayize their findings. Then, Tracking Hate! First, I talk to a recently unionized california bookstore employee, about how they are staying resilient, despite being targeted with hate flyers in their books. Then, I talk with the Southern poverty Law Center, about the rise in hate against the LGTBQ community and what we can do about it.


Artist Song Album Label
JustnormalSpacemoonsSpacemoonsEpidemic Sound
Arling & CameronMilano CoolMusic For Imaginary FilmsWMG - Ryko/Rhino
Grapes feat. J. Lang and MorusqueI DunnoBest Instrumentals for VideoGlass Opus Music
Cirque du Soleil,Robert Stanley,Richard Beaudet,Paul Picard,René Dupéré,Luc Gilbert,Francine PoitrasSanzaNouvelle ExperienceORCHARD - Cirque Du Soleil