Flashpoints – August 29, 2023

Today on the show: Flashpoints celebrates the Chicano moratorium and the life and times of radical Chicano journalist, Ruben Salazar, who was murdered by an LA Sheriff’s deputy 53 years ago today, during the Chicano protests against the war.  We’ll feature a variety of interviews, including Ron Lopez, professor of Latino and Chicano studies at Sonoma State University.


Artist Song Album Label
Mondo GrossoIntermezzo SunNext WaveSony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.
Walking WoundedRemember Ruben SalazarRaging Winds of TimeSputnik Recordings
Cirque du Soleil,Robert Stanley,Richard Beaudet,Paul Picard,René Dupéré,Luc Gilbert,Francine PoitrasSanzaNouvelle ExperienceORCHARD - Cirque Du Soleil