Flashpoints – April 26, 2024

Today on the Show: Ziad Abbas is back for an update on the expanding attacks in the west bank and the expanding genocide in Gaza. Also an extended report back from the Gaza Boat to break the Israeli Embargo and and call attention to the ongoing genocide in Palestine.  And students and their teachers in Humbolt County Northern Cal on fire about genocIde in Gaza


Artist Song Album Label
Sound ProvidersIt's Gonna BeeAn Evening With The Sound Providers
Meshell NdegeocelloOmnipussThe Omnichord Real BookBlue Note Records
Chairman ChowChalky W.Let It Go1350865 Records DK
S.P.O.T.,MadSlow DownThe Duets547737 Records DK
ThesseloniousBlack AngelHarlequin & DeathPlanetary Alignment Music
Cirque du Soleil,Robert Stanley,Richard Beaudet,Paul Picard,René Dupéré,Luc Gilbert,Francine PoitrasSanzaNouvelle ExperienceCirque Du Soleil