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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – June 2, 2004

In the broadest such order to date, the U.S. Army says tens of thousands of soldiers will be barred from leaving the military when their term of duty is up in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Senate votes to give President Bush 25 billion dollars for the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — but refuses to allow him a free hand to control how the money’s spent…

Recordings of Enron traders gloating about gaming California’s energy market show them laughing about stealing money from poor grandmothers and chortling over a forest fire that burned down transmission lines

Civil-rights groups sue the Bush Administration for withholding records
about U.S. military torture and abuse of prisoners held in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and other locations

President Bush compares his war on terrorism to the U.S. involvement in
World War II… But as Bush prepares to fly to Europe, French officials warn him not to link the D Day landing in France 60 years ago to the invasion of Iraq…

And Native American officials ask lawmakers not to cut funding for health
clinics serving some of the poorest residents of the state…

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