International Women's Day

Feisty Female Folktales

Feisty Female Folktales is an anthology of international children’s stories adapted by northern California activist and performance artist Sherry Glaser with original music by David. M Brown and Johnny Qwest Hubel.

“The Search for Magic Lake” is an Incan myth from Ecuador, featuring the voices of Sheba Love, Joe Seta, Andrea Shafir, Bridget Volk, Brian Smith and Human Kindness.

“Three Strong Women” is a Japanese folktale featuring the voices of Sheba Love, Beth Richmond, Lavender Cinnamon Grace, Toni Orans, Robert Permenter and Ken Krouse.

“The Lairds Lass” is a Scottish folktale featuring the voices of Ken Krouse, Brian Smith, Toni Orans, Oasis Darryl Hasten, Joe Seta, Andrea Shafir, Sheba Love & Lavender Grace Cinnamon.

The intro and outro music in this hour is “Celtic” by Crowlander from Budapest, Hungary through a Creative Commons license.