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Turbulence in Stock Markets and Oil Markets

Global Stock MarketsEconomist Richard Wolff breaks down the week’s volatility in global stock markets, China’s economic conditions and explains the drop in price of oil and the economics of the Northwest’s forest fires, Amazon 80,000 seasonal worker’s without pensions and more.

2 responses to “Turbulence in Stock Markets and Oil Markets

  1. Thanks for the show. However, blaming our observed market instabilities on some intrinsic aspect of “capitalism,” as is explicitly stated in this show, is the same simplistic narrative being currently forwarded throughout the mainstream media – though probably being forwarded for different reasons, it is the same conclusion. This sort of simplistic fatalism does a disservice, as it completely ignores both the culpability of those who have removed all stops and regulations to prevent this instability, as well as gives a free pass to any who would be responsible in following a constructive path to alleviate it.

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