East Bay Yesterday

Exploring Emeryville’s mudflat sculptures, industrial past and more

The first segment of this episode explores the history of Emeryville’s legendary mudflat sculptures

For decades, millions of drivers passing through Emeryville saw an ever-changing array of giant statues along the bayshore. In addition to the towering wooden vikings, dragons and other whimsical creatures, activists used driftwood and trash to build monumental projects responding to the tumultuous political era. This story traces the rise and fall of this “renegade drive-thru art gallery” and explores the concept of public art. Featuring interviews with Joey Enos, Tom Enos, Denise Neal, Lincoln Cushing and Tim Drescher.

The second segment of this episode features an interview about the Emeryville Historical Society:

Rob Arias, the publisher of community news site The E’ville Eye, is also a member of the Emeryville Historical Society. In this interview, host Liam O’Donoghue talks with Rob about E-ville’s notorious reputation as a “the rottenest city on the Pacific Coast,” the town’s Ohlone heritage, and much more.

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Learn more about the the Emeryville Historical Society here: https://emeryvillehistorical.org/

For more photos and stories about the mudflat sculptures, visit: https://evilleeye.com/history/origins-first-three-part-series-history-emeryville-mudflat-sculptures/

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