Discreet Music

Discreet Music – September 6, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Mix of new, unusual and classical music, hosted by Dean Suzuki.


Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstrawerks
Harry PartchFirst Phase: Ring Around the MoonPlectra and Percussion DancesBridge
Harry PartchSecond Phase: One, Two, Three, Four...Plectra and Percussion DancesBridge
Harry PartchThird Shake hands now boys...Plectra and Percussion DancesBridge
Harry PartchFourth Mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus...Plectra and Percussion DancesBridge
David Rosenboom & William WinantClosed Attracting TrajectoriesZones of InfluencdePogus Productions
Here & Here & HerePfazzuHere & Here & HerepfMentum
Here & Here & HereThunderous SilenceHere & Here & HerepfMentum
Ceccato, Babin, GolnskiGritTorEdgetone
Jaga JazzistStarfireStarfireNinja Tune
Jaga JazzistPrungenStarfireNinja Tune
Michael RobinsonAlapAmethyst Labyrinth (Charukeshi)Palace of Lights
K. Leimer"Allegory"The Grey CatalogPalace of Lights
K. LeimerPoesieThe Grey CatalogPalace of Lights
K. LeimerCassationThe Pale CatalogPalace of Lights
K. LeimerSereinThe Pale CatalogPalace of Lights
Marc Barreca & K. LeimerEskerField CharacteristicsPalace of Lights
Scott JohnsonEpiphany MachineEpiphany Machinedemo
Annette Krebs1GuitarA Bruit Secret
Aaron OlsonSlash PhaseSlash Phasedemo
Dialectric Drone All-StarsAmon HenDr. OneDialectric
Glenn BrancaLesson No. 3 (Tribute to Steve Reich)The Ascension: The SequelSystems Neutralizer
Glenn Branca & Tony OurslerEmpty BlueEmpty BlueDuMont Buchverlag
The Paranoid Critical RevolutionCrash and BurnCrimson CanvasSystems Neutralizer
The Paranoid Critical RevolutionDaily GrindCrimson CanvasSystems Neutralizer
Louy Reed/ZeitkratzerMetal Machine MusicMetal Machine MusicAsphodel
ToneConfidence and ProgressSolidarityNeurot Recordings
Maciunas EnsembleHeavy BeratesThe Archives Part 1, 1968-1980Apollo
Richard CarrickDawnStone GuitarsNew Focus
Richard CarrickUnderseaStone GuitarsNew Focus
Corrie van Binsbergen10Self Portrait in Pale BlueBrokken
Corrie van Binsbergen11Self Portrait in Pale BlueBrokken
B for BangTomorrow Never KnowsRewires the BeatlesKLM
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