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Special guests PLACENTIA and JACK HERTZ are featured in iteration 39 of FREQUENCY MODULATION RADIO. In his work with digitally augmented embodiment, PLACENTIA (aka Ian Webb-Harding) explores the union of mind, body and machine as instrumentation. EEG controlled audio synthesis is his counterpart in this process that is both creative and receptive. Working with streaming brainwave frequency amplitude data to control audio synthesis processes allows the artist to interface with the machine during improvisation. PLACENTIA amplifies and explores psycho-emotional body states with conscious intervention as a ritual performance. Inspired by the mystery of life, JACK HERTZ manipulates sound to create intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise. Composing and recording experimental music for more than 30 years, Jack is always searching for a sonic middle ground between the real and the artificial deploying machines, instruments, found objects, field recordings, and effects processing to designs sounds, spaces, and atmospheres for deep listening. Channeling the eternal feedback loop as live in-studio Freq Mod Mixes abound in solo and ensemble configurations.

Hosted by Thomas Dimuzio on 2nd and 5th Sundays.


Artist Song Album Label
Due ProcessCombine XXXIIICombine XXIII-XXXVPhage Tapes
PlacentiaAugmented EmbodimentAugmented EmbodimentSunset Grid
PlacentiaFreq Mod Mixlive in-studio
Jack HertzOrchestrations for a Samurai BattleVibrate HigherAcousmatique Recordings
Jack HertzSecret Messages in the Right SpeakerVibrate HigherAcousmatique Recordings
Jack HertzOrganized SometimesVibrate HigherAcousmatique Recordings
Jack HertzSparks from Ashes of Dead industriesVibrate HigherAcousmatique Recordings
Illusion of SafetyAlways Somewhere ElseSweet DreamsSubstantia Innominata
Jack HertzFreq Mod Mixlive in-studio
Jack Hertz, Ian Webb & Thomas DimuzioFreq Mod Mixlive in-studio

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