Discreet Music

Discreet Music – February 8, 2015

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Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstralwerks
Erling WoldMy ChosenCertitude and JoyMinMax
Erling WoldDivan SongUKSUKdemo
Erling WoldBoeuf BubUKSUKdemo
Erling WoldDear Father, Dear JesusCertitude and JoyMinMax
Erling WoldI see the lights form around your wordsCertitude and JoyMinMax
Tim Story & RoedeliusLazy Arc ThreeLazy ArcCurious Music/Seventh Chance
Tim Story & RoedeliusLazy Arc FourLazy ArcCurious Music/Seventh Chance
Tim Story & RoedeliusLazy ArcvFiveLazy ArcCurious Music/Seventh Chance
Maurice DurufleUbi caritas et amorRequiemHyperion
Judee SillThe DonorHeart FoodEleltra/Rhino
Daniel Lentz51 NocturnesIn the Sea of IoniaCold Blue Music
Franco BattiatoArchaic Mass: KyrieShadow, LightEMI Hemisphere
Austin WintoryWe Will Not Be ForgottenThe Banner SagaReference Recordings
Austin WintoryHow Did It Come to This?The Banner SagaReference Recordings
Frode FjellheimPreludeThe Sacred Source: An Arctic MassVulie
Frode FjellheimPater NosterThe Sacred Source: An Arctic MassVulie
Scott BlascoThe The One Who Gives Birth to GodQueen of HeavenIrritable Hedgehog
Zaboitzeff & CrewKyrieMissa FuriosoIntoxygene
Zaboitzeff & CrewSanctusMissa FuriosoIntoxygene
Somei SatohFrom the Depth of SilenceFrom the Depth of SilenceMode
Jocelyn PookRequiem AeternumFloodVirgin
Robert MoranSanctusTrinity RequiemInnova
Robert MoranPie JesuTrinity RequiemInnova
Q.R. GhazalaRequiem for a RadioRequiem for a RadioRealization Recordings
Jacob TVHeaven of ReligionRainbowBasta

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