Discreet Music


this episode is no longer available

Special guests EMILY HAY and LOB/INSTAGON are featured for iteration 40 of FREQUENCY MODULATION RADIO. EMILY HAY is a flutist and vocalist who extends the traditional roles and capabilities of her instruments by incorporating the complexity of contemporary classical technique with the spontaneity and experimentation of free improvisation. As an active member of the SoCal and “left coast” music communities, she has performed as part of U Totem, The Motor Totemist Guild, The 5 UU’s, Otherparts, I Am Umbrella, Adam Rudolph’s Go Organic Orchestra along with many others. LOB is an experimental musician, bass player, and the driving force behind INSTAGON, JOLT THROWER and curator of the perennial NORCAL NOISEFEST. INSTAGON is a term coined to describe the spontaneous factor, the essence of Chaos Theory… everything that happens in this universe changes instantaneously upon its creation. Nothing stays the same; everything changes, and is gone in an instant. Join is as we channel instant in-studio Freq Mod Mixes from the eternal feedback loop.

Hosted by Thomas Dimuzio on 2nd and 5th Sundays.

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