Discreet Music

Discreet Music – April 26, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Mix of new, unusual and classical music, hosted by Dean Suzuki.


Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstralwerks
The Vocal ConstructivistsPauline Oliveros: Sound PatternsWalking StillInnova
The Vocal ConstructivistsRonald Kuivila: A City of No AllusionsWalking StillInnova
Bora YoonSemaphor ConductusSunken CathedralInnova
Bora YoonDoppler DreamsSunken CathedralInnova
Bora YoonPastor AnimarumSunken CathedralInnova
Bela Farago353 Days - "Mass"353 Days - "Mass"Budapest Music Center
Gavin BryarsThe Sinking of the TitanicThe Sinking of the TitanicTouch
Laszlo HortobagyiJama MasjidFata-organaBudapest Music Center
Laszlo HortobagyiNa'at IntradaFata-organaBudapest Music Center
Laszlo HortobagyiArabesq II: Acid ChoralFata-organaBudapest Music Center
Laszlo HortobagyiMishra-sequelaFata-organaBudapest Music Center
Laszlo HortobagyiArabesque III: Necro-SuraFata-organaBudapest Music Center
Uerban SaxShijingshan BalladInsideUrban Noisy
Laszlo MelisMulomedicina Chironis (Mule-therapy of Chiron)The Apocalypse of EnochBudapest Music Center
Tristan PerichParallelsParallelsPhysical Editions
Laszlo MelisPagan Sacrificial Dance at the Stature of the Goddess AnahitArmenian LegendBudapest Music Center
Steve RoachThe Delicate ForeverThe Delicate ForeverProjekt
K. LeimerAllegoryThe Grey RoomPalace of Lights
K. LeimerPoesieThe Grey RoomPalace of Lights
K. Leimer & Marc BarrecaEskerField CharacteristicsPalace of Lights
K. Leimer & Marc BarrecaSereField CharacteristicsPalace of Lights
Florent GhysBlazer et/ou CravateTelevisionCantaloupe Music
Florent GhysThis Is the Album of the FutureTelevisionCantaloupe Music
Florent GhysNo Lemon, No MelonTelevisionCantaloupe Music
Florent Ghys2-popTelevisionCantaloupe Music
Stephen Vitiello & Molly BergClarinet AssemblyBetween You and the Shapes You Take12k
Ernesto MartinezDuometricaMutacionesTzadik
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