Dead to the World

Dead to the World – August 17, 2016

this episode is no longer available


Music by the Grateful Dead, and music not by the Grateful Dead. Hosted by Tim Lynch.


Mind Left Body Jam
Jerry Garcia BandJerry Garcia Live Convention Hall
The Grateful DeadSugareeLive In Witchata
The Grateful DeadDupree's Diamond Blues
  • Andy

    Hi All,
    I just got to get this “off my chest”…
    Not a big fan of tonight’s Dead to the World show. I’m all for true collaboration, and I think there were some really good “ideas” for tonight’s show…but wow…
    Perhaps it’s the message with some of the ad lib rap…for me, the Dead’s music and jam band music for the most part is not about a single person but more about the music…but that’s just me.

    Please learn not to grip the mic so hard…yes, it causes feedback.

    Oh, and just a suggestion but get rid of that “huh” thing that you do in between verses…for someone like me who listens to “a lot” of radio…it’s disturbs the groove dude…like Roger Waters once said about the creation of Dark Side…go ahead…leave a hole…let the music play for a few bars…it’s okay.

    Cheers all

  • Digame Paz

    I, on the other hand, dug the show but I do have a bit of a critique; maybe I missed it but I never heard the names of the rapper or the musicians backing him up mentioned. I did hear some references in the actual raps to Jay Lane and Band of Brothers but I couldn’t tell if those were just props or in-song announcements of who we were hearing.

    So, uh, who was that? It’s not shown on the setlist, program descripton or anywhere else that I can find.

    I dug the raps and the messages that they contained, it was an interesting flow and unique approach.

    But I agree with the previous poster on all of the “huh, huh”s sprinkled throughout the raps, never did understand those..


  • Dave

    Kingpin Rowe and The Grateful Church

  • Dave

    Hi KPFA, can I post the set list here? Do I need to shorten it, it might be too long?


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