Crack O Dawn

Crack O Dawn – February 3, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Host Barbara Golden focuses on computer and electronic music with a blend of talk and music, mostly music.


John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Mark Trayle, Tim PerkisGradient (recorded live at Duende, Oakland)Transit-
Kenneth AtchleyFountain 1998.3Fountains-
Theresa WongVenice is a FishVenice is a Fish-
Robert Ashley, Performed by Sam Ashley and Jacqueline HumbertForeign Experiences (2 voice version live at Mills College)--
Casey Anderson, Jason Kahn, Norbert Moslang, Gunter Muller, Mark TrayleFive LinesMikrotron-
Annette Krebsrush!The Berlin series no. 2another timbre
John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Tim PerkisVisitationTransit-
Eliane RadigueKoume: The expression of the transcendent power of Death in life, of life over death.Trilogie de la Mort-
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