Crack O Dawn

Crack O’Dawn – December 9, 2016

this episode is no longer available




Frank Moore and Friends: Barb Golden, Med-O, DaveCurtis Street Jam--
Vinnie Spit SantinoLet Me Be Frank--
Frank Moore Episode read by Gerald Smith and Martha Wilson Music: Stephen EmanuelA Lucky Guybook: Art of a shamanInter-relations
Charles Brown w Frank MooreMerry christmas Baby---
Elvis w Frank MooreBlue Christmas--
Frank Moore read by Stephen Emanuel, Music by Sander Roscoe WolffA Wounded HealerBook: Art of a ShamanInter-Relations
Frank Moore,Shila, Med-OCurtis Street Backyard Jam--
Frank Moore, Read by Michael LaBash, Music: S R WolffArt of Reshaping RealityBook: Art of a ShamanInter-Relations
Frank Moore, Read by Annie SprinkleRoots of PerformanceBook: Art of a ShamanInter-Relations
Frank Moore, Read by Linda MacFrank Moore's Presidential Platform--
Frank Moore with Phog MachineFrank Moore Jam--
Frank Moore with Barb Golden, Corey Nicholl, Med-OCafe International Jam--
Vinnie spit SantinoLet Me Be FrankTheme song Art of a
Clarence Carter w Frank MooreBack Door Santa--

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